About Me

Me and the other half at an 80's Hair Band Party
Hi, welcome to Party Scribbles, my name is Angie and I'll be your hostess for this blog. I'm new to the blogging thing, still trying to learn my way around.

I'm half Irish and half Mexican which is only important on St. Patrick's day and Cinco De Mayo. I can't dance, at all. I'm annoyingly organized and yet easily distracted, with a dorky sense of sarcastic humor and a generous nature that is often taken advantage of. Don't you hate when you know something about yourself and do it anyway? *sigh*

I'm a stay at home mom of 2 wonderful girls, I love playing Littlest Pet Shop with my 5 year old and I read everything my 13 year old daughter does. Because of that, I have a slight obsession with young adult series like Hunger Games and Harry Potter. I refuse to let her read Twilight, but that's a whole other topic.

I was married for 15 years, we are divorced but still friends (yes it is possible)

I'm now married to an amazing man who will also tell you that I'm annoyingly organized. He has 3 kids whom I adore, and during the summer we have a very loud household with 5 kids where the females outnumber the males 5 to 2. Poor suckers.

I laugh often and loudly. I laugh when I'm happy and I laugh when I'm upset. Better than crying right? People will always tell me they can find me in a party because they can hear my laugh. Oh, I love parties. More importantly, I love planning them. From the decoration to the food to coming up with activities and crafts, it brings out my inner child.

Which brings me to Party Scribbles. One day I watched as my youngest daughter scribbled in her coloring book. She knows how to color within the lines, but the sheer joy on her face as she put color to paper with reckless abandon was inspiring to watch. I thought to myself “what makes me happy like that?”


So after years of helping friends plan parties on a budget, I've decided to throw ideas out to others! Yes, yes, another party blog. But really, there can never be too many!

With Party Scribbles I create printable party packages, items to print yourself and decorate your party with. Many of my packages come with activities and ideas and this blog is a way to share those also. I love exchanging ideas or if there is a theme you would like help with or a package designed for, please let me know. partyscribbles@yahoo.com

Welcome and I hope you find some ideas or inspiration here with me.

P.S. Seriously. Can't dance.