Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Zombie Apocalypse Party

Zombie Apocalypse Party Package

They say life ends at 40, so for my 40th birthday I held a zombie party. (It's a warm fuzzy feeling to know I have friends who will dress up as zombies in the middle of the summer for me) Our theme was a safe house that had been over run with zombies. Zombies were people too! All they want is to horde together and gnaw on a few bones in a mob like atmosphere, is that so wrong?

For the table backdrop, my husband built a frame of boards that we propped in the window. The walls were covered in a large roll of plastic sheeting (cheap at home supply stores in the paint section) Red paint splattering and hand prints were a fun kid activity.

The table was covered in camouflage fabric and burlap with a few accessories thrown in from Oriental Trading.

My nod to The Walking Dead

A brief rundown of the food:
Brain Matter
Grave Mud
(Bean Dip)
Bone Marrow
(Turkey & Ham Wraps)
Severed Toes
(Prosciutto & Mozerella)
Flayed Skin
(Salami Wontons)
Teriyucky Eyeballs
(Teriyaki Meatballs)
Finger Bones
(Pretzel sticks with dip)
Brain Dip
(Pesto Cheeseball)
Veggies From Hershel's Farm
 (Veggie Tray)

I wanted the look of shotgun shells scattered, but with kids at the party I didn't want to use empty real ones as they contain chemicals and lead. I cut a dowel, painted it red, glued a washer to the end with bronze paint. It was enough to get the feel of a safe house battle.

Zombie Favors

Zombie favor printables I made were hand sanitizer virus and vaccines, Grave Goodie bag tags, mini candy bar wrappers, and labels for the toxic sludge (Glow in the Dark Slime Recipe)

All of them can be personalized.

Brain Bits Tic Tac Labels

If you are headed out to meet your horde, don't forget your Brain Bits Mints.
Spinal Fluid Bottle Labels
Spinal fluid bottle wraps, were wrapped around Sprite bottles, but they work for water, gatorade, apple juice, whatever keeps you refreshed during your all night fest.

Cupcake Wrappers and Toppers
Click Here for Details
Zombie Invitation
The whole package, invitations and favors can be found in the
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And last but not least...
He loves me for my brain...:)